Thursday, May 8, 2014

$5 Truth

During Monday night's baseball game, I pick up some dugout chatter and Junior says, "My mom is only 23!"  Of course, I twisted my head around so fast I got a crick in my neck.  "You're a good boy and I owe you $5!"

Tuesday night at practice my nephew is helping toss the ball around with the kids and Junior is in his group.  Somehow my age comes up again and Junior stands fast to his "my mom is 23" line.  My nephew looks dazed and confused but accepts it.

The book fair is at school this week and I pass Junior his $12 he's got in the bank.  He's bummed that the two books he wants cost $6 each so he's grumbling over the potential choice he's going to have to make. 

I actually have $7 cash in my purse so I give him the fiver.  He is over the moon with excitement and thanks me for paying the money I owed him.

"Nephew didn't really believe that you were 23." he tells me.  I tell Junior I'm 10 years older than nephew's dad.

Junior thinks for a minute and his eyes get big, "So Uncle is only 13!!??"  Yes, yes he is.

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Unknown said...

i dont know how old junior is but that is awesome, because if he tells someone else they'll think you were a teen mom. lol