Thursday, May 15, 2008

Reason Number 5,234,693 My Job Rocks!

Today I took the bossman to look at a property. I'm tired of working in this dungeon of an office and we really, really need some land to park our ALL of our equipment. In one place. Not 14 places across our very large county.

The place was really nice but set up for a doctor's office. And the building is too far centered in the property to really work with. And oh yeah...they want mucho dinero. Too mucho dinero for the location and additional work it would take to meet our needs. Oh well, at least my curiosity had been satisfied.

Instead of rushing back to the office, bossman drove me to the big site we're working on. He chatted with the crews while I stood by the truck. Their jobsite is too huge and scary for me to even get close to. Any other time or site though - look out - you have to kick me off the jobsite. I love what we do and I can tell what they're doing on paper but get me out in the field and my eyes get all big.

We finished up there and decided to go check on the guys we had working at the beach. This crew had pretty much worked themselves out of regular work and were doing "fix up" things to the owner's vacation home. The owner told them to use the grill today if they'd like AND I'M SO GLAD THEY DID!!!

V was already cooking when we got there and it was smelling good! BBQ chicken breasts, sausages and steak. There's a total of THREE guys working on this crew. They invited us to stay for lunch and man was it ever tasty! Y made pico de gallo and salsa - HOME MADE!! Bossman made a trip to his house (on the next street over) and picked up his dog and some more lunch supplies. The other super showed up and we all sat down to eat.

The pico de gallo and salsa both had plenty of jalapenos in them. Very tasty and very warm. My lips have been chapped and they were ON FIRE by the time we finished lunch. My belly is full, I spent time with the guys (which I love doing!) and we had lots of fun.

I kept grilling Y and V about cooking techniques and different foods/recipies. Y can pat out his own tortillias! V admitted that a lot of guys don't learn how to cook the hard to make foods (like tamales), they just beg aunties and moms to make the good things for them. I made V & Y promise to invite me over the next time they have a party and cook. Many techniques and flavors you will learn mamacita!

Finally got back to the office at 1:15ish. It's been a good day! Not horribly productive, but wicked awesome.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why "Physical Possum"?

Why not!
The "other" phonebook fairies made their rounds today. One of my guys came in today to pick up parts and he finished the phonebook fairies' job by bringing them the rest of the way up the steps. Lazy fairies.
Anyway, I love the size of this interloper AND it comes out a month earlier than the "real" phone company's does. So I'm flipping thru, skimming layout and one heading catches my eye:

How awesome is that!? And between the Physical and Possum listings....there's churches in between!

I've been wanting to start a blog for a while and when I saw Physical Possum - that was the sign I'd been waiting for. So here we go!