Saturday, May 15, 2010

Status Update: TMI Edition

The ease of Facebook and almost instant gratification has made me a very lazy blogger.  And it's not always appropriate to write the first thing that comes to mind when you read anyone's status update in such a public forum.  So I'll come here, to my area, to say what I want to say.

And sometimes, what I want to say, is just way too much to only say in my head.  I'm afraid my brain will go into "lower intestine mode" (holding in know what that turns in to) and I'll risk blowing smoke out of my ears.  That's not an attractive look and I'm at that age when I need to feel as attractive as possible.  (Shout out to the lady that carded me at the liquor store last weekend.  When I wasn't wearing any make up!  And yes, I have a witness to testify.)

Last night:

This morning:
Holy crap!  The asparagus pee is killing me.  I usually cook with frozen stir fry vegetables, but since I've been back on the FlyLady gig,  I had fresh vegetables on hand to use:  asparagus, cabbage and onion.  I left the asparagus whole, making it easier for the haters to pick around.  There was lots of extra asparagus for me.  So yeah, gross.

I did have a great time cooking it up though.  Teenage angst, guerrilla budgeting and PMS have made it a very stressful week.  I was going to use my time in the kitchen for good, not evil.  I took my time, I paid attention to detail, I had everything chopped up and organized before I turned the wok on.

Oh my precious, sweet, miracle-making wok, how I love thee!  Wolfgang Puck Electric Wok, you complete me.  In the kitchen, not in any other way.  In other ways, you're really boring.  But in the kitchen, my dear Franklin, you make my heart soar and my taste buds cry for mercy.  

And you also give me a great shoulder work out with all the stirring movements.  Armed with a silicone spatula in each hand I lovingly scoop and toss the chicken about, yelling around the corner to "open the windows and get a cross breeze going so the fire alarm doesn't get smoked up and start screaming."  Because I'm a professional cook like that.  *snort*

I'm having some second thoughts about the asparagus patch we planted a few weeks ago....