Thursday, July 31, 2008

Old Dog, New Trick

I was just complaining to a friend the other day how much of a pain in the ass it is to fold tshirts. I just received a 5 dozen tshirt order and nearly broke my back hunched over folding the damn things up. My friend pointed me to this little gem:

How To Fold A T-Shirt In 2 Seconds - Explained

It cracks me up to hear the lovely British lady saying "Pinch One." I giggle and snort every. single. time. Yep, I'm my father's daughter.

For Pinch Three - be sure to cross your right arm UNDER your left arm. It took me a while to get that part but I finally made it work.

I'm so excited about this new trick that I may finally quit using all my closet space for tshirts on hangers. But there's no way in HELL I'll take back doing laundry from the husband's task list.

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