Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lust lives in my heart

Aren't these so very beautiful?  Polished aluminum in its many forms has been known to make me swoon.  Shown in this form, it completely gives me a case of the vapors.  Since we are in the South, I'll say they give me the vay puhs.

The original intent of these here Gothic Skeleton Hand Salad Tongs is, well....obvious.  Salad.

How very boring and so very against Alton Brown's kitchen gadget rules.  Per Alton (who is the KING of kitchens in a nerdly kind of way) your kitchen gadgets should be multi-taskers.  

Multi-task you say, hmmmm.....

Salad:  Use two hands to scoop salad onto your plate.  I can almost feel Memaw whacking me on the back of the head because I've brought the salad for dinner and had The Nerve to bring these things to her table.  Which brings us to the next task...

Weapon:  See 1:10 mark

Of course, this means I'd probably have to buy a costume and learn some skills to do that specific move.  Since I'm cheap like that, I'd just stick to the tried and true Memaw move.

Cold fighter:  Don't want to shake hands during cold and flu season?  Use these and you'll probably never have to worry about shaking hands with anyone ever again.  Pretty useful for those hand shake-ees who give you the dead fish hand.  So. Very. Gross.  

Back Scratcher:  The husband and I are often fighting over WHERE'S MY DAMNED BACK SCRATCHER?  And that fight is not so bad since one of them is now broken and the other one is probably in the bottom of Junior's toy box.  Mmmmm, scratching in style.

Animal Scratcher:  Going out of town for the weekend?  Just wedge one of these bad boys in a pet friendly zone and Fido can scratch his own ass while you're in Vegas.

I'm sure those few examples are just scratching the surface of creativity.  But it is a total multi-tasker.  

And I really want it!  I'm so sad I asked for bras for Valentine's Day.

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Mr. Motorcycle said...

I could see breaking those out for salad while entertaining the family for like Christmas or something. Maybe Easter. LOL!