Friday, June 5, 2009

I lead a dreadless life

In a GNR fashion, I keep singing "I lead a dre-eya-eya-ya-ah-ed-less life" in my head.

Elder Spawn decided enough was enough and cut his hair.

I delivered that sack-o-dreads to his Nana today. I'm not sure if "birds will use it to make nests" or "maybe it will keep the deer out of my garden" is just crazy old lady talk (Hi Mom, love you!) or if it will really work. I'm just glad these things are gone away from my son's head and my house. They were getting kind of gnarly.

I do admit I will miss them a tiny bit. They waved around in a really cool pattern when he would wreck the skateboard. And I was REALLY looking forward to sending him to his Senior prom in a long as he posed for photos wearing a Predator mask.

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Nicole said...

Mom just told me! I'm a little disappointed they were so neat but yet so gross at the same time. See I have mixed emotions. Mom also told me about the garden thing but I bet those crazy squirrels will steal them and harass dad with them.