Monday, August 25, 2008

Love Your Friends

The weekend is over thank goodness.

Saturday, I went with some CBA folks to visit Ms. Sandy's grave. I wish I could say we were visiting with Ms. Sandy but she was killed while she was riding her motorcycle five years ago. Sandy was killed when a car turned left in front of her. She was wearing her "magic helmet" like all the safetycrats demand you wear. Kind of hard for a magic helmet to save you from your guts being squished up under a car. Her lipstick was not even smudged. But she had on her helmet dammit. Sandy's husband still lives in their marital home - right across the street in the church's yard, Sandy is buried there. So every single day, Mr. Ray sees his wife's grave and when he comes to meetings, he gets to drive over the same stretch of road where she was killed. It's about a quarter mile from their home. And the driver of the car (a.k.a. killer) got off scott free. Well, except for the $25 fine of course. How in the world is this fair?

Saturday afternoon my friend's wife died of liver disease. I'm not sure which one, it had a really weird name and was a genetic thing, not a drink thing.

Sunday we went to the visitation and tried to comfort him the best we could. Which meant a whole lotta motorcycles riding up in your yard. I was so appreciative of the folks who showed up, many of them driving hours and hours away from home just to give him a hug. Bikers kick ass.

Love your friends while they're here.

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