Thursday, August 21, 2008

twenty-five cents

As usual, Wendy's disappoints again today. I don't know why I keep trying but I do chase the taste of their fries like a junky. The sweet and salty ones. Those were NOT at Wendy's today. But whatever, this is about twenty-five cents, not fries.

I'm not sure how your Wendy's drive-thru works but ours has a nice computer screen at the order stand and a two-window system follows. The first window you pay, the second window you pick up food. Normally the person manning window #1 also takes the orders.

I could tell the nice fluffy lady was working the drive thru. She has a pleasant voice and always says "You're Welcome" after I say "Thank you." I expected to see here when I rounded the corner to Window #1. I was surprised to see Shanaynay:

So Shanaynay's ONLY JOB is to take money from the customer and give change. She's not taking any orders or doing anything else. When I round the corner of the building, she's casually leaning out the window, arms crossed on the sill.

I actually have paper money today so I hand her $7.00 for my $6.50 meal. Shananay counts my money TWICE (it's a $5 and two $1's - sheesh!) punches it up on the screen and scoops two quarters out of her till and pulls the receipt off the printer.

Remember, Shanaynay has no other responsibilities except to take money and make change. Nobody is talking in her ear about no ketchup and extra pickles. Just. Make. Change. and hand it to the customer.

Like a good customer, I'm ready and my palm is out flat waiting to receive my two quarters and small receipt. Shanaynay FUMBLES one of my quarters and it falls straight to the ground. She then looks at me like it's MY FAULT she can't place two quarters in my flat hand.

Instead of raising my blood pressure over this huge act of incompetency, I just looked at her and said, "I guess it's your quarter now."

Dear Shanaynay:

I know your chosen career path was probably not fast food. I understand it's not a glamorous job. I bet you're not getting rich there either. But PLEASE! You have a job! Take some pride in it and yourself and COMPLETE THE DAMN PASS!!! Or at least offer me a quarter out of your till!

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