Thursday, October 23, 2008


My mom called this morning and invited me out to lunch with her and a friend. We ate skrimps and drank sweet tea. I feel like I could burst.

When I got back to the office I checked on the Woot off and I missed the Bandolier of Carrots. I've been drooling over this ever since I found Woot. I've been trying VERY hard the last 18 months but not so hard that I'm awake every night at midnight CST (that's 1 am here) just to see if I can score a box of crap for $1. Good things come to her that waits, right?

I was bummed but I had good sisterhood and good food at lunch. Remembering the nice time we had and belching hushpuppies made missing the BOC all better.

Woot kept selling stuff and in about another hour the Woot powers that be bestowed us with another Random Crap opportunity. The last time I had a shot at winning the Crap I was at work on my old SLOW computer. Today's crap was offered on the "new to me" computer that was rescued from the storage closet of the home office. I wasn't expecting to score any crap so I pushed the big I WANT ONE! button and didn't put much faith into it.

BUT I DID SCORE! And I scored BIG. I got three craps total. THREE!! I'm such a nerd....A nerd with CRAP! I still don't have any shipping info updated to my account so now I must wait with my face pressed against the front door glass for the delivery man.

Visit Woot! you'll like it.

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