Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm annoyed.

My cell phone finally died. The diagnosis at the cellphone store was "water damage" because the little pads on the battery and inside the phone had turned bright pink. I know that water and technology don't always mix but I am fairly certain I'm smart enough to recognize water damaging my phone.

Previously, I dropped the phone off the balcony at the office. Not on purpose - I just fumbled when I was putting the phone back in my holster. Really, pinkie swear. The drop caused the phone to power off and it did come right back on and did work. This happened summer '07.

It is now fall '08 and I had water damage. Whatever.

After riding the corporate roller coaster of procuring a new cell phone I was finally given a comb to fix my hair and permission to get a new phone. Of course, because technology moves so fast, I could not just get another phone just like the security blanket I had. I loved the LG with it's loud tones - perfect for the alarm settings that I used EVERY day for just about anything. Bye bye Monopoly game, thanks for releasing me from your slavery-like grip and making me once again productive to The Man. (Or maybe not, there's always the inter webs to keep me in mind-warping slacker-shape.)

I got the Samsung Muse as a replacement. It's a nice phone. It's pretty. It's blue. If you put a mini SD card in it, you can use it as an MP3 player as well. It has that blue tooth Star Trek-y option available. It also has a nice camera for photos and videos. Voice recordings are available too.

Let's talk about the camera for a minute. While I was reading the manual I noticed in the camera section they specifically mention the phone's shiny, mirror-like exterior and that while taking a self-portrait I should make sure my reflection is between the two speaker holes. 'Cause I got nothing better to do but take pics of myself to keep my My Space page current. So this Muse allows me to keep the pervs entertained BUT I CAN'T PLAY MONOPOLY ANY MORE.

Something else annoying about this new phone...very specifically on the back of the phone where it should naturally cradle in your hand as you talk, is a sticker and it says:

---Internal Antenna Area---
For best performance, Do NOT touch this area when using your phone.

WHAT!!?? I'm not supposed to touch the phone where I'm supposed to hold it? Are you serious? Who makes these phones? Monkeys?

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