Thursday, January 6, 2011

Six months already?

I have an appointment to get my teeth cleaned today.

I just realized, with great horror, I'm probably wearing the same outfit that I wore to my last appointment.
The black hand me down pants that are probably four years old, my comfy black cardigan I scored at the discount store.  On the upside, I am wearing shoes and a shirt I did not have at my last visit.  I got these two items the last time Mom cleaned out her closet.  The shirt is a bit of a lower-cut V so here's hoping a boob doesn't pop out.  The shoes are slides and I will Just. Die. if the right one falls off, I have a HUGE hole in my sock and two, not one, but TWO toes stick out.

Anxiety:  I has it.  (Eeh, and how weird of a word is anxiety?  Where's the freakin' G?  Oh right, this isn't kindergarten homework and I don't have to worry about writing the way the word sounds.)

Know what's even scarier than wearing the same clothes?  The thought of what I must look like all splayed out in that chair when Dr. Dentist comes in.  It can't be a flattering view, I can't pull my shoulders back to poke out my boobs and hide my gut.  My butt may flatten out a bit but it still makes a pretty good lump in the chair and probably makes me look pregnant.  Just a big ball of black blob with a mess-o-curly hair.

It's an x-ray visit this time.  Hopefully my lovely hygienist will forget to put the 20 pound apron away and I'll get to snuggle all comfy...and hide my shame!  She's really nice and professional though and I doubt she would forget.  Is it OK to take a blanket in with me?

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As if the whole having someone crawl in your mouth isn't bad enough, we worry about how we look! I canceled my last cleaning because I've gained weight. Can you believe that???? I'll kill you if you tell anyone I told you that.