Monday, June 16, 2008

Tiger Woods is no Dr. Phil

It's 4:25ish and the work phone rings. TV goes on mute, it's now "safe" to answer the phone. (I was watching CNN like a good little girl.)

Me: Good afternoon, NAME OF MY WORKPLACE.

Her: Are you watching TV?

Me: Yep, it's on.

Her: Are you watching Tiger Woods?

Me: Why would I be watching Tiger Woods? He's not a race car driver.

Her: They're playing today, the playoff!

Me: Ok, channel 6, right? (I know this because Dr. Phil is not on today. Stupid golf.)

Her: Yep.

Me: Some dark guy in a red tshirt is on the green. Wait, both guys are dark...AND wearing red shirts!!! (Again, if this was racing, they'd at least be wearing different numbers!!!)

Her: That's probably Rocco.

Me: No, it's Tiger. He's fake swinging his putt. He fake swings again. Ok, he hit it this time...and .... it's going to be JUST SHORT!

Her: NO WAY!

Me: Yes way! And he's ON HIS KNEES in anguish! (Could golf be any more exciting?)

Her: Has the other guy shot?

Me: Nope, he's up next. But they're showing the replay of his reaction to Tiger's play and he and his caddy both laughed when Tiger missed. Golf asses!!

Her: Bastards!!

Me: Ok, here he goes. Fake swing, fake swing, HIT! OH, he waaaaaaaaay over shot!

Her: Oh no! I wonder if they're still tied?

This is where the light bulb finally switches ON and blinds me with ... science.

Me: The damn TV is still on mute. (unmute TV) Yes, Tiger won.


Me: Damn, I'm an idiot. If I realized the TV was on mute I could have let you LISTEN to what was going on the whole time instead of relaying a play-by-play of a NASCAR fan watching golf.

Her: Well that's been bothering me since my lunch break, thanks for checking it out for me.

Me: You're welcome, talk to you later!

Ahhh...the benefits of friendship. I am SO calling her from the swimming pool on Sunday with 4 laps to go in the race. Let's hear golf girl make the play-by-play on the race!!

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