Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tingly Summer Skin

Been a busy morning here at work. Finally went out for my first smoke break. The sun is HOT out back this time of day and I'm wearing a sleeveless shirt. When I came back into the office, the cool a/c air snuggled all up on me and it felt soooooooo good! I love that summery feeling. Almost as good as jumping into a swimming pool on a hot day.

Our cool neighbors finally opened up their pool last weekend. (We don't just hog their pool all summer, we did help get the ground ready AND we ran a waterhose from our house to help fill it up.) We took Junior for a swim and even though it's only his second season swimming, he remembered it all. That brave little boy swims like a fish I tell ya! We were all impressed and after we got home to get cleaned up he kept saying, "I not a fish, I a wimmer."

Wim on with your bad self little boy. Wim on!

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