Monday, June 9, 2008

Wish You Were Here and those bugs were NOT chasing me!

I was trolling the Woot! boards over coffee this morning. They're having a "change an album cover to amuse us" contest. (

I always remembered the Pink Floyed Wish You Were Here cover. (No dad, I NEVER EVER played your records but I did look and admire them often.) I always used to think, why is this guy on fire? And who wants to shake hands WITH a guy on fire? So I loved this cover, note the fireman standing off to the side. Cracked me up!

See original albumb cover here:

This from the kid who used to think giant outerspace beetles were going to fall out of the sky EVERY SINGLE TIME I heard the song Frankenstein and it came to that break in the song where it goes: WOO woo woo woo woo. Wiki says the noise is a synthesizer. Yeah - a synthesizer full of giant outerspace beetles!

That's 30 some odd years my parents' music has been torturing me! I look to the sky WITHOUT FAIL when that song comes on. Clearly I do enjoy the jam but I'm certainly keeping one eye up there...because you never know! It didn't help that those Winter boys are way creepy looking too.

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Nicole said...

Tortured by our parent's music. I think I may have you beat in that department. Remember mom and Uncle Darrell took me to see the Doobie Brother's when I was 14. It was really cool . . . . until mom had a couple of beers and they started playing China Grove. She was up in her chair, screaming, dancing, and uncle Darrell had to catch her to keep her from falling. I just can't listen to the Dobbie Brothers with out those images in my head.