Monday, April 20, 2009

Let's try something new

I don't always have my *stuff* together in the mornings.  This usually results with me buying and eating unhealthly (but tasty, cheesey or fried) lunches.  I actually spend money to make my ass large(r) at least 4 days a week, 4 weeks a month, 12 months a year!!

Well I did have my stuff together this morning.  Junior and I left the house at 7:00 and went straight to Wally World.  I have food, mostly good food, here at the office!

I'm trying out this new sammich bread.  It's different.  It's small.  It doesn't get all bready when you're eating a sammich.  I like it.  It made a lovely turkey, provolone and romaine lettuce sammich.  AND....5 grams of fiber in them there 2 slices.

I've been liking this new juice:
I discovered it during basketball season.  We had to drop in the grocery store to get more Gatorade.  I wanted something to drink besides another soda or more freakin' water.  I saw the strawberry, cantaloupe and watermelon on the front and decided to give it a try.  It's actually pretty tasty but does have a bit of wang on the aftertaste.   The six pack sells for $5.99
 but today, after the VACATIONING LOCUSTS raided our store, there was only singles left.  Singles are $1.50 and that really chapped my hide.  I did buy 2 so I'd at least have one for tomorrow too.  Side note to the "slenderize" on this label:  Kiss.  My.  Ass.  I like you for your melons and 20 calories (versus a soda).  

I picked up a box of Nutri-Grain cereal bars in strawberry.  Wow, I didn't know I could be so disappointed in $2.50 of strawberry.  The filling is too sweet and there's not enough "cereal", the ratio is way off.  
I will probably try to sell these to Junior.  They're sweet enough for his taste and they are individually wrapped...also to his taste.  He can't read so I'm pretty sure if I tell him it's a cookie, he'll believe me.  

I picked up a package of celery.  I'm the only one who will eat it at the house.  I forgot I was taking this celery to the office and did not remember to pick up any peanut butter.  Which is OK, I ate a rib of celery with my sammich to replace the chip CRUNCH that is so satisfying to enjoy while eating a sammich.  I don't know why the boys have such a hard time with celery.  It's loud 
and crunchy, good celery quenches your thirst as you eat it and it has no calories!  I think I even heard some kind of BS that celery has negative calories.  

Oprah and Dr. Oz are always talking about how awesome nuts are for you.  I love me some almonds so instead of going for the salty wasabi ones, I picked up the all natural ones.  And I could not believe how tasty they were!  These are SO GOOD and when I added 28 of them to my lunch plate, I did not miss french fries or potato chips at all.

So maybe if I eat like this 4 days a week, 4 weeks a month, 12 months a year I'll lose 5 pounds.  Or just save all that dining out cash and get it all sucked out....


Nicole said...

"I like your for your melons."

I think that will be my motto this week.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I think quitting Crack would be easier than watching what you eat.

Good luck to ya.

The Best Revenge said...

Do you have Stila bars in your grocery store? I assume they are called that in America too. They are good - not too much filling and the bar part is crunchy, almost like a cracker. 70 cal. I think.

I like vitamin water - low cal but flavorful or I buy Cran-Grape and cut it with seltzer water.

but mostly I like cheeseburgers and pizza. :-(

Amanda said...

I just read this post today. When I went to Kroger today to get something, I saw those Fuze drinks on sale for $1.00! So, because of your recomendation, I bought two (the one you tried and a pomegranate one). YUM! Too bad they're way too pricey for me to drink them regularly!

Oh, and it washed down my chocolate cake beautifully!