Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Lots of firsts this weekend.

First big mow.  The Husband mowed and mowed and mowed.  Back and front yards, then the spare lot.  Thankfully, we have a riding lawn mower to manage that much area.  It was a hand-me-down from my Memaw.  It's an old-school Snapper JUST LIKE the one Forest Gump drove around.  It's old as hell but she keeps on running.  And running, and running.  

First bloom.  I counted 25 amaryllis blooms the other day.  I don't recall having any more than 12 the prior years.  I'm glad to see the 'roids paid off.  Saturday morning gave way to the first one blooming and as a bonus, the banana tree is coming back to life.  I expect to see 3 to 5 leaves on it by the weekend.  WOO HOO!!

First lizard.  So awesome to see the little guys running around again.  The lizard I saw was stalking around the amaryllis and lilies so I reckon he's eating bugs off my plants.  Thank you Mr. Lizard!

First hummingbird.  My BFF came by Sunday and as we were chatting it up on the front porch I caught buzzing in my eye line and saw a hummer buzzing at the empty feeder.  So I cleaned and filled the feeder so all of my little friends stop by for a drink.  Hummingbirds are the best show in town.

First sprouts.  I bought a seed tray to get my flower boxes up and running.  (Better late than never, right?)  And I also planted the garden seeds:  broccoli, squash, zucchini, cucumbers.  The seeds started sprouting by Sunday afternoon and as of Monday afternoon it looks like most of the seeds were successful.  Junior is excited because he can grow and pick all the TWO NUMBERS he can eat!  Now if we can just find a "Ranch" bush to plant...

First independent.  I don't know if you'd call it independent or actual use of imagination - Junior playing and not requiring someone to help him play.  I wanted to watch the race, Husband was packing up getting ready to work out of town this week and Junior wanted to be outside.  I turned up the TV, opened the windows and sat on the porch working crosswords and turning left while Junior played with a water gun, a bowl of water and all the rocks he could find.  And everybody was happy and no one had issues of the 4 year old I NEED variety.  

First breather.  Too much stress in March.  TOO MUCH.  This weekend was the first time in a while that I haven't felt like I was....well, was.  It was nice to feel comfortable and relaxed.  I did my shopping early on Saturday and that was about all I had to do.  It was awesome.

So all that good stuff, and the Husband being gone left me sitting and thinking last night.  I have a big week ahead of me.  The annual Easter gig is Sunday.  I have cakes and pies to make, change to plunder, baskets to buy and fill up.  No rest for the wicked!


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Don't kill yourself. Enjoy the breather!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Lots of nice "firsts". We have hummingbird feeders in our yard too and I love watching them.

As far as all your baking and plundering, more power to ya! I would be hitting the Deli for sure! LOL!

Happy Easter!

Fancy Schmancy said...

I'm so jealous, we got snowflakes in CT today. Enjoy your nice weather!