Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Morning Conversation

During our morning Fight Club (brush teeth, comb hair, wash face) Junior informed me that he'd recently had a conversation.

Junior:  I talked to Mr. Grandpa.

Me:  Oh yeah, what did you guys talk about?

Junior:  I like Tahlee.  I give Mr. Grandpa fifteen dollars.

Me:  You're going to give Mr. Grandpa fifteen dollars?

Junior:  Yes.  And then I take Tahlee.

I can see that the kid is just not going to give up on that cat!!  And Dad....whatever you do, DO NOT accept any monies from that boy!!


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Too funny! Out of the mouths of babes!

Vic said...

Not in the right place. Couldn't find your email. Are you going to Dega this year?

Jocelyn said...

Not going to Dega this year. When we went, I splurged my tax refund so we DID IT ALL, infield camping, all race tickets and VIP on Sunday. Expensive but worth it.

It still makes me very sad to think about going back without her.

Nicole said...

Monies and favors. Dad just don't except anything from him. Maybe you should just get the kid a kitten.