Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Possum Face

I'm going to just bite one off this weekend and GO to the concert. I'll probably be dead by Sunday afternoon, but please Lord, don't take me until the race is over, OK?

So in my somewhat disgruntled state of Wednesday afternoon, I decided to poke around my statistics. I use Sitemeter becase I saw it on someone else's blog when I was just starting and of course I had to immediately copy them. I still don't know exactly what all the terms and big computer words mean but the referrals part is cracking me up and making me feel horrible all at the same time.

I have several hits from "casa de pepe" and when I tried that search myself, I think EVERYONE learned and remembered that sentence from high school. Good to know the cheese (even though it is old and moldy) does not stand alone.

Someone actually found me by searching for "boob shaper." I was 10 pages deep into that search and I gave up. That person was much more determined that I am. Kudos to you! Hope your boobs came out in a lovely shape.

"Jonesing" has turned up a couple of times. I didn't find me in that search but I do hope the jonser found help with his/her jonesing. Along that same string, "addicted to vodka" reared up and while I'm found as one of the first items, I'm surrounded by serious issue sites. That's sad. I hope you at least smiled while you were here and did eventually find what you were looking for. (Or if it was Ryan Murphy - dude, you SO OWE ME some time of my life back. I'm still PISSED over the way Nip/Tuck is ending/did end.)

I'm getting some good action from my Facebook page and it looks like I'm getting emailed about. Thanks for spreading the love ya'll.

My absolute favorite of all time referral is: frizzy haired possum. I keep picturing my hair on a possum's face or me with a possum 'do (sounds very much like a DON'T). I don't know if I should laugh or cry...myself to sleep with fear.

Dang, now when I hear this, I'm going to be singing, "Can't read my, can't read my, no he can't read my POSSUM FACE!!" And if my EVIL PLAN works, you'll be singing it too!!


Fancy Schmancy said...

That made me laugh. Lady Gaga has a possum face! said...

You TOTALLY do NOT have possum hair. But those eyes...............