Tuesday, July 21, 2009

To Rock, Or Not To Rock....that is the question!!

My boyfriend gave me tickets to see Kid Rock and Lenard Skynnard this Friday evening in Raleigh. Sure, I had to call him 800 times to be caller number 7 but it was so worth scoring FREE TICKETS!!

I was enjoying morning coffee this morning when I was reminded that I have this situation to deal with on Saturday.

Oh. Shit.

Do I want to play Etsy with my mother Friday morning, then drag Junior back to her house about 30 minutes after we get done to drive to my boyfriend's house to pick up our tickets, then travel another 2 hours to Raleigh to tailgate, attend the concert, drive back home, sleep for 10 minutes then try to be a productive event staff member? No, not really.

I really, REALLY want to see Kid Rock again. I've never seen Skynnard so that's kind of tugging at me as well. I DO want to raise hell without children on a Friday night. I DO want to be a functioning person on Saturday. Why do I smell cake and why do I know I'm not getting any?

I think I'm going to have to call my boyfriend and have him put the tickets back in the prize pool. I don't want the Husband to be all sad because we won't have Awesome Adult Adventure Time so I will bribe him with a trip to Outback. We'll still have to travel, but only about 20 miles AND I have a $50 gift card. It's kind of the same deal, just more local. If I sing really loudly during the car ride, it will be just like going to the concert, right?

This one time...at band camp
The last (and only) time I saw Kid Rock was about 7 years ago (damn! time flies!!) and it also fell on Motorcycle Event Day. But at least it was someone else's event so I didn't have to worry about working/helping out. I was dating a guy from out of town so we hit the event then traveled on down the road to the show.

As we made up time zooming down the interstate a car pulled along beside us and just kind of rode in the lane for a bit. I looked over and gave a polite wave and they busted out with the crazy. Waving frantically like they'd won the lotto, I looked again and they waved a mini bottle of Jim Beam at me so I stuck out my hand. Teddy scooted over to the inside of the lane, they passed me the bottle and I shot it right there on the spot. GOOD TIMES!!

Then after the concert was over, we returned to the bike and someone had stolen my helmet and my camera. BAD TIMES!!

The End.


Jessie said...

I'd go see Skynard, dude, he's playing at an indian casino out here, I forget which one but I know it's happening. I'd love to see that.

Nicole said...

Crap woman!! Go and mainline caffine like there is no tomorrow the next day. Whats wrong with you. Do it!

Is it the whole age thing?

Jocelyn said...

Dear sister, SHUT UP!! But yes, I need sleep at my old age. I gotta be able to count money on Saturday.

If I can sleep all afternoon Thursday and late on Friday (still going to Mom's) maybe I'll be OK.

I just hope there is LOTS of money to count! We need it!!

Fancy Schmancy said...

Crap, that's a sucky choice to have to make! Good luck either way on Saturday. I hope it goes well!

cassandra said...

I went to the Kid Rock, skynard a couple of weeks ago here in Dallas. Don't feel too bad about missing Skynard. I am not sure if it was the heat, it was out doors and hot, or the aging members but it wasn't that good. I have seen them before and they were great so I was disappointed. Kid Rock kicked ass! All in all was a good time. Jay got toasted, good company,and I got a much needed night out!

basicliving@backtobasicliving.com said...

Girlfriend, you ain't getting any younger. Trust me. Do you want to be an old chicken tendin' fool like me, or do you want to live a little??? Go dammit! Have a great time. And then write and let me know about your wild adventures. But do it before 8PM. I'll be in bed by then ;-)