Friday, August 28, 2009

Random Acts of Useless Knowledge

I enjoy playing this daily trivia game.  It is fairly easy, there's always at least one answer I'll miss.  I try to learn from my mistake while I cuss under my breath at the smarty-pants "instlouis" who usually wins every freakin' game.

I play as "hayjay" so if you do sign up to play, let me know your handle so we can compare scores.  Because I am a Trifecta (an Ass, a Leo and Competitive), I will be all "I totally pwned your score today!"  Further to my being at work when I play and in the Play Nice mode, I could be all "Wow, your brain is really big and awesome!" when you beat my score.  And immediately begin cussing under my breath.

Note:  the game is timed and it is considered into your score/daily ranking.  I learned that the hard way and I NEVER take phone calls when I'm getting ready to play.

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Lady Ridesalot said...

I just went to the site and played my first game (I'm in as ladyR). I hope I get faster when I get the hang of it, or it's gonna be pretty embarrassing! The one question I got wrong, I knew the right answer. I didn't notice it wasn't marked correctly Geesh!

BTW... I'm a Leo... and competitive... and if I score that bad again, I'm gonna really show MY ass! LOL!