Monday, August 17, 2009

I have good news and bad news

After sinking HUNDREDS of dollars into the Borrowed One's mouth over the last year, he had his last procedure done today. I don't care what the dentist is doing in his mouth, it always costs us at least $100 before insurance. I think he's been about 8 times in the last year. I was beginning to wonder if he was part shark with so many teeth to fix. I was dreading today's visit because that $100 was going to go on the credit card because we have no money. Thanks Economy!! When I went to pick him up and pay after today's appointment, I had a CREDIT BALANCE and owed NOTHING on today's visit. HOORAY!!!

I did not pee before I left to go get him. I ran him all the way to the other side of town trying not to pee my pants. I blazed up the steps to the office and went straight to the bathroom. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My hair is pulled back today - except for that one belligerent curl that refuses to lay back and STANDS UP - and I'm wearing my favorite pair of Dollar General $3 sunglasses. This combination makes me look like a Sleestack.
Proving that everything has a sunny side....the sleestack action on my face surely keeps the focus off of my round backside.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane with the Land Of The Lost.

The Girlwonder said...

Holy shit! Sleestacks! Thank god I did not have coffee in my mouth when I read that. I would have ruined yet another keyboard.