Thursday, December 8, 2011

PINK - Day Three

Better day today!  I spent some time looking over the PINK message boards on and it was nice to see some feedback from all angles.  Some folks are losing faster than I am, some are slower.  Lots of folks complaining about headaches too.  I found some answers to questions I'd asked myself.

I've been drinking Pink drink #1 all three days because that's the only thing I had all the ingredients for.  There is no hemp protein powder to be had in Shall Oat but I did find coconut water and liquid stevia at the GNC.  GNC is conveniently located next door to Subway, I took Junior to dinner there last night.  I needed some working time tonight and it was easier to buy him a pizza than cook two meals at home.  Subway smelled DELICIOUS and thinking about how it smelled is making my tummy grumble right now!  He ended up only eating one quarter of the pizza so it was very easy to pack his lunch today!

So freakin' delicious!

I had a great salad for lunch, baby spinach and left over chicken breast, tons of veggies and sweet balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  I didn't have a lot of time for food prep in the morning before I left the house so most of my ingredients were brought whole to chop up and assemble at the office.  I cleaned out the corner of my "kitchen" at the office and made a nice work area and I actually had a really nice time playing chef.  Over the years I've stocked up a few tools (peeler, grater, knife, modified cutting board).  My cutting board leaves room for improvement, it is the freezer tray that came with the mini-fridge.  Doesn't really work great but good enough to get the job done.  I'm thinking of utilizing the spare glass fridge shelf in its place.  I think that feeling of accomplishment and claiming a food work space was the best part of the meal.

Not fancy, yes I have a HUGE salad bowl!
I figured out how to steam vegetables in my Pampered Chef rice cooker by using no fat butter spray, a little salt and pepper and 3 minutes in the microwave.  I'm just amazed by what that rice cooker can do!  I enjoyed a nice helping of broccoli and cauliflower with a lean beef patty for dinner.  The beef patties are getting old quick but grocery monies are limited so I started the program with what I had and what I could afford to buy.  To spice patty up for dinner I used yellow mustard as a dipping sauce.  I'm glad there were so many lean proteins on sale this week when I checked the Food Lion and Lowe's Foods circulars!!

I am suffering from a side effect of this diet - I have color in my skin!  We went to the Christmas parade Saturday and sat on the Burn Your Eyes Out With The Sun side of the street so I was thinking maybe my face color was just sunshine.  Then I noticed my hands and I had gloves on for most of the parade, and a long sleeve shirt.  I'm a chronic hand stare-er.  I've been mortified how age has showed on my hands these past 10 years.  Normally my hands are pale and cold but now my hands and arms have a nice bronze-y pink glow.  Junior remarked at how warm my hands were last night, I've also noticed the tip of my nose is no longer a block of ice. Maybe the color is from all the strawberries and tomatoes?

My body feels different.  Weird.  It's kind of like I don't have a "bloat" any more.  Not that I was aware that I had bloat before.  My back fat does not feel as fat anymore.  My face feels smaller.  I can tell there is less inner thigh to rub together when I walk.

Day Three Results:  I followed the program with no cheats.  I quit drinking green tea by 6:00 and finished the day out with water, adding half a lemon or lime to each glass so I didn't have any trouble getting to sleep.  Day Two's sleep sucked ass because I started drinking green tea so late in the day and kept on while I watched the SOA finale.  (Where the hell did Opie go?!  He's totally missing church!!) I was wide awake at 11:00 pm!!  Total weight lost 4 lbs in three days.  Woo hoo!

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Feisty Irish Wench said...

My sister was told to get off the carbs. She was recently diagnosed as being insulin resistant, and hypoglycemic. So she's shifted to a paleo style diet and cut the wheat. She's allergic to so many things, it's insane. She can't eat tomatoes, beans, legumes, and wheat, and probably others that I've forgotten. Wheat is very inflammatory for her. Since she's changed her eating habits, she feels better overall, her hormonal shifts aren't as drastic, her brain fog is gone, and her sugar & carb cravings are nil.
I have gradually decreased sugar in my diet in general, and I'm finding that now I am craving protein more often than carb. I don't need to diet so much as just eat better. And I have found the blessing of uncured bacon and uncured hot dogs, to get around my sulfur & nitrate allergies. And I'm working things like spinach and kale into the family dinners. I love that my 2 year old grabbed a head of cauliflower, bag of carrots, and stalks of broccoli at the grocery store. How many toddlers do you know that do THAT?