Wednesday, December 7, 2011

PINK - Day Two

Day Two can be summed up as MAMA WANT SUGAR!!!

Very bad sugar cravings today so I chewed sugar free watermelon gum, very cow-like.  I was getting to the point I was sick of water so I finally made me a pitcher of green iced tea.  YAY for cold caffeine!!  I switched from drinking out of a water bottle to a cup because the bottle was annoying me as well.  I've been backing each cup of green tea with one cup of water.  It's a nice change up.

I was disappointed the breakfast smoothie didn't seem as sweet as it did the first day but it was still really delicious, and filling.  Lunch was a repeat of salad and beef patty but I did run out to buy some low-cal dressing to make it more exciting.  The two tablespoons I'm allowed was put on the salad and I ate that first, then sopped up the remaining dressing with the meat.  Which left me feeling a little "Desperate much?" but if that's the only bit I can have for the day, I'm going to have Every. Single. Bit. Dammit.

I cooked grilled chicken breasts for dinner and conned Junior into eating one too.  Ketchup can do amazing things!  I also whipped him up a blue box of mac and cheese heaven and I did not dive face first into that pot.  I finished my dinner off with some leftover broccoli.  Junior managed to make very healthy snack choices (banana AND apple) before dinner so I let him slide with the "orange" and chicken.  He acts like you're trying to shoot him in the face when you make him eat one tiny little tree of broccoli.

I've heard that attitude is everything and I"m trying to remember that.  Not focusing on what I can't have but being excited and praising myself for making good food choices.  Believe it or not, I don't want to black my own eye...yet.

A few weeks ago I decided to be a little more faithful about "it applies the lotion to the skin" because I was getting a really bad case of winter dry itchies.  In only two short days of the PINK Method, I can certainly tell a difference in my gut and butt fat during lotion time.  I'm proud of me!

Day Two Results:  I followed the program with no cheats, enduring a pretty nasty sugar craving.  I did feel a bit hungry when I went to bed but some water helped that go away.  Total weight lost 3.5 pounds.

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