Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oil slicks

These are the best thing EVER! I hardly wear makeup anymore because I'm too lazy to get up 15 minutes earlier than I already do. My face just feels oily by noon, no matter the occasion or application of makeup. So usually after lunch time I whip one of these babies out to mop up my face. I'm so pleased at how much they soak up and my skin feels awesome afterwards. Sometimes I cuddle the box when I'm done. I like them that much.

I used one today, then thought, "Exactly how do these things work?" CUE INTERNET and I landed on epinions because the Clean & Clear website just had some smart-ass paragraph with no real explanation on how they work. I'm looking for a nerd to explain how the sheet is engineered and why touching it to my face sucks the oil off. I'd prefer to see this demonstration on my dad's super big-assed tv, especially after having watched that spider documentary in terrifying clarity.

I can not believe the nerve of some of these folks with the bad reviews at epinions. Seems the super oily skinned folks are just downright appalled by the size of the sheet (roughly 2" x 3"). They complain they must use 3 to 5 sheets for the oil removal, only to have the oil return in an hour or two. DUDE! If you're skin is that oily, see a freakin' dermatologist! I'm sure they make something for that. It's an oil absorbing sheet, NOT blanket. Also, grow a smaller face for less surface area.

Another complaint is the cost. You pay almost $6 for a pack of 50. The ones who bitch about the price seem to direct attention to other blotting papers WITH powders at your local high-end make up counter. Most of these types of blotters are a bit larger and again, they have powder on them and HELLO! they're most likely to be much pricier.

I absolutely can not believe the number of complaints about the color of the sheet. The sheet is blue and it turns clear as it sucks grease from your face. (Anyone grossed out yet?) I guess they are all sitting in the food court at the mall IN FRONT OF EVERYONE and being humiliated because they're dobbing this blue sheet on their faces. Go to the powder room dummies! Take some pride in yourself and your appearance, be discreet and do not be puttin' yo makeup on in da street.

My last gripe is their gripe about the packaging. Yep, it's a small cardstock envelope and the inside of the envelope flap has a tape on it. When you open the flap, there's a sheet stuck to the tape, just pull it off and you're sucking oil baby! The complaint is that the package doesn't hold up. Ok, what in the hell and how much do you already have in your purse? My purse holds a bunch smaller 'purses' because I'm anal like that. My Clean & Clear pack fits just fine in my small makeup bag, no fuss no muss. Organize your purses you whiny haters! If the box isn't getting beat up by the random crap in the bottom of your bag, guess what?? It will last longer!

I reckon that concludes my lunch hour rant. I'm off to the land of invoices!

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