Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day two: The Reckoning

So....I got my car crash money today. I wish I could say it was a pleasant experience.

I can't, so I won't.

How very interesting that Daddy is a body man and that "it can just be buffed out." You can't buff out a dent, dude. Not that it's a major dent but it's a dent still the same.

This is the only new car I've ever bought. After realizing just what the hell buying a new car really means ($$ over time) I will never do so again. And as I'm VERY close to making the last payment, I'm looking forward to driving this car for a very, very, VERY long time. I would not look forward to driving it around with a buffed out dent.

Daddy questioned me on how many estimates I got. Well, I got one estimate. One. From the shop of my choice. Is it rude of me to believe that if "we want to pay this, not file insurance" then I should be able to do all the damned legwork at MY leisure and do business with who I want to?

Also he didn't seem very happy about my choice of shop. They probably are a little more expensive, I don't doubt it. My company has used them in the past and when I had to have work done, I used them as well. I was very pleased so naturally, I would return to the same company. Only this time I had to have cash in hand and go thru all the paperwork b/s. MY leisure.

I find it weird that almost as soon as they walked in, Mommy made note to tell me she's not Jackass's mom but Daddy's Girlfriend. Am I busted? Was I Facebooked or Myspaced from the "Record of Collision?" Did they read yesterday's blog? But all I can say to Girlfriend is BLESS YOUR HEART for loving such a peach of a man that Daddy is (or at least seemed to be today).

I'm not happy in the fact that they came to pay up for Jackass's mistake and now I'm the one who feels like an ass. I WAS NICE. I TYPED A STATEMENT SAYING I GOT THE MONEY. I MADE COPIES. Color copies, dammit.

Jackass, so sorry this happened. I hope you will very seriously consider your left-hand turns from this day forward. After today's pleasantry, I can only hope that things get better for you. I hope you pay your dad back quickly and get this all behind you.

Unless you have a crazy driving record....personally, I would have taken the insurance hit. It only stings for a bit and when the monthly statement comes once a month it doesn't have jet-black sideburns and an icy-cold stare.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Being an insurance adjuster and ex body shop estimator, I can give a bit of advise for future reference.

If you ever agree to let a private party pay for damages, regardless of the shop you choose, get it in writing that the private party responsible for the damages to your auto will pay for any supplements found once the car is in the repair shop. Many shops average up to 20 to 30 percent more than the original estimate when all is said and done due to hidden damages under the plastic and sheet metal exterior parts that you can see. Since most body work money is made from insurance claims, most body shops write estimates the way insurance companies want them written, and out of habit, write them that way across the board regardless if it is an insurance estimate. The general rule of thumb when writing a collision estimate, is if you can't see it, don't write it; even if you are 99% sure of the hidden damage, most body shops wait for a tear down (removal of exterior panels)and then write a supplemental estimate.

I hope the shop you chose will not hang you out to dry for hidden damages after tear down.

If the damage is so minor that the shop can guarantee you they will not charge any supplements, then I guess you have nothing to worry about.

Good luck!

Nicole said...

Well for all 4 of my accidents I always contacted the insurance companies. Even the ones that were my fault. That is what insurance is for. One time the person who hit me asked to do it privately and I was too scared to agree. I did not want to risk the chance of them just not paying and the chance of being charged for leaving the scene of an accident. Fayetteville really frowns on that. Too many GI's driving like morons.