Monday, December 29, 2008


The winter ping pong season has started.  Being a bit fluffy and allergic to most things known as "exercise" I dig the pong.  Pong makes me move, jump around, curse, sweat and think.  The crushing of small plastic balls with paddles is really good for a girl's (is ego appropriate here?) (let's settle for something nice instead) winter exercise needs.  

The husband and I play at the neighbors' house.  Our neighbors have the best toys.  There must be some kind of toy quality/quantity ratio that becomes greater the older you get - directionally proportionate to your children growing up and move out/away.  OH MAN!!!  I can't wait to have awesome toys too!  

The women got off to a good start, despite being R-U-S-T-Y.  We won the first night of play but haven't done too well since.  The ladies don't play as often as the men folk do.  The men compete often because that's what boys do ya' know?  The women usually have their bitch-asses in the kitchen making pies.  Or not.  

We usually play women versus men because it's more fun that way and there's no fighting afterwards - just gloating.  The men are rather husbandly about their wins, just enough gloat to say "We won!" (and Please don't poison our dinner because we did win, please!?) Wives show no mercy.  Copious amounts of gloating ensue if the women win.  Us women tend to go for the throat (or lower) when we win.  

I can't think of many things that are more gratifying than busting their collective asses so when the ladies do win, it's awesome.  And quite often, in the middle of a match, if we're winning - I can hear "FINISH HIM!" in my mind.  And I just go crazy.  I get full-on possessed by the pong demons.  Sometimes they let me win but sometimes they get all backed up in there and I beat myself with very bad and greedy plays.

January and February are pretty damn drab at the beach.  Coldest time of year (for the beach - it's a real bitch compared to Minnesota, or so I hear.  Ha!).  I'm so glad it's pong season so we don't go stir crazy!  So what are YOU going to do for the next two months?  


Lady Ridesalot said...

I haven't played pong in years, but it sounds like it would be fun under the "battle of the sexes" scenario. I get pretty competitive myself when it comes to winning and losing (who the hell said... "it's how you play the game"?) I laughed out loud when I read the part of your mind yelling, "Finish him!" You go girl! That's the way to take the game!

Fortunately, we can still ride during these drab months. We still do that as often as we can. I'm looking forward to riding on New Year's Day. I can't think of a better way to bring in our new year.

Happy Ponging! GURLZ RULE!!

LOL!...word verification was.. "ovenwo". What the hell, is that when the oven tries to sweet talk you into cooking?

Jocelyn said...

When the childrens finally grow up and GET OUT we'll spend a lot of time riding too.

Enjoy your ride! Awesome way to ring in the new year.

Ovenwo....I think that's what I get when it's time to CLEAN the oven!