Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Is it just me?

I occasionally watch the show The Doctors.  Occasionally.  More specifically if there's nothing on the Speed Channel or if nobody is showing King of the Hill episodes.

I am extremely annoyed by the guy who always wears scrubs.  Dude, you piss me off when you come to work in your PJs.  I'm at work and I am not wearing PJs.  

The plastic surgeon guy is very plastic.  He's prissy but tolerable.

The nerdly doctor in the coat just seems like he's the designated middle child.

The chick doctor is the Gyno.  Every time I watch the show I can't help but flash back to The Dark Crystal.  You guys seen that movie?  I think my parents still own a VHS copy of it.  It's a good movie and if your kids aren't too young or too old, they'll like it too.

Back to the doctor chick - here's her photo:

And then I think about how much she looks like Kira:

And if I came across said doctor looking like a Gelfing...I'd be RUNNING out of that office because you must be THIS TALL to convince me to sit in stirrups while you check out my goodies.

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