Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I think I'm addicted to vodka now.

Who watched Nip/Tuck last night?

Did anyone catch much of the story line between all the damned commercials?  Seriously, there was maybe 30 minutes of SHOW.

My liver cringes every time I think about Smirnoff now.  Thanks for hosting the premiere Smirnoff but next time, can you shell out a little more cash so we can watch the SHOW, not 8 gazillion commercials?

Thanks Ryan for spending the first 20 minutes of the hour explaining IN GREAT DETAIL how that crazy bitch got inside and stabbed up Sean.  Like the final images of last season's finale of him laying on the floor gurgling blood weren't enough for me to catch on.

And HELLO!!!???  Annie was being anesthetized to death on the operating table, Liz gets her somewhat stable and then we get NO FURTHER updates on her condition?  That kid never gets no love.  I hope they don't pay her by the on-screen nano-seconds she gets.  In fact, they probably owe her a fat check for pain and suffering of NOT being on the show she's supposed to be on. 

The man whore ended up with breast cancer.  Very ironic and kind of fitting.  He's not so indestructible after all.  It was so very funny to see him feeling up Liz at her boob reduction consult.  Still doesn't make up for all the damned commercials.

I'm not sure where to lay blame on my disappointment of the episode:  FX or Ryan Murphy.   

Most likely it's all Kurt Sutter's fault.  Kurt's got a solid show in SOA and he can cram lots of information and story into the time he's allotted.  Kurt fed me a whole season of goodness that I ate - heartily!  Even the parts that fell to the floor and were covered in dog hair.


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