Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How close?

Turn speakers up please.  You need to pay attention to this one.

And remember it the next time you're making a left hand turn.


Jeff said...

Holy crap... chilling video. I always assume a car is going to pull out in front of me when I ride. I also always assume someone is going to cut me off when I'm riding next to them. Thanks for posting these awareness tips!

Nicole said...

So I turn up the speakers and then press play and almost fall out of my desk chair. That made me jump, a lot! Little Ms. B wants to know what the crap is wrong with me. I live two hours away from you and you still make me pee my pants!!

Jocelyn said...

Glad to hear the video is working its magic. When I found it a few years ago, the "didijustshitmypants" feeling stayed with me for a while.

Nicole - AWESOME! As I get older I sometimes think I'm losing it (whatever it may be). Good to know The Force still runs strong in me. :-)