Thursday, May 28, 2009

How'd they figure out that one?

I live in/near/about a beach community.  Our county has three beaches and our town/area is the middle point between Wilmington and Myrtle Beach.  We're a popular destination.

I've always believed there's a magic portal in Ohio that opens up to MB on the other side.  We see more Ohio plates than any other state (PA is a close second).  And seriously....yall need to learn how to drive!!  And tip properly.  

I would pay a fee to have a LOCAL card to flash at the stores I shop at.  LOCAL check-out lane only!!  I'm tired of waiting behind four women with three carts PACKED FULL in the Walmart.  Damn, you guys are here for a WEEK, aka SEVEN DAYS, do you really need all that crap?  I catch myself reaching for one of those cheesy astrology scrolls to stab you with when it comes time to pay and you're trying to break down who pays what.  

Almost all the locals have bumper stickers that read:

So I'm thinking about moving to Poland.  Apparently they DO have a tourist season and not only do they SHOOT them, THEY CAN THEM!!

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Nicole said...

You need to come play the license plate game in Fort Bragg with me. Ohioans have nothing on New Yorkers! Yup those Yanks can drive but the more dangers the better. It must be fun to zip past the slow Southerners, scaring the iced tea right out of us.

German drivers are the stuff of nightmares. Nightmares baby!! NIGHTMARES!!

Jocelyn said...

I absolutely COULD NOT do that with you in Ft. Bragg. Do you know how much iced tea I drink????? said...

We get the leave gazing tourists up here in the fall. I was once stuck in traffic in town at a light and a car with NY tags was stuck in the lane next to me. We had our windows down and I must have been looking very annoyed at all the traffic in our very small town because he yelled "I bet you just love this time of year!" and I quipped back "Don't you people have trees in NY you can look at???" We don't call them tourist - we call them "terror-ists". said...

Um, I meant "leaf gazers". Like the leaf on a tree. You knew that right?