Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MC Awareness Tips

For the motorist:
  1. Share the road with motorcycles.  While a motorcycle will only ride in 1/3 of the lane, he's entitled to the entire lane.  NEVER try to share a lane with a motorcycle!
  2. Anticipate motorcycles in traffic and include them in your search pattern.  They're out there.  They're smaller than a car so you must LOOK for them.
  3. Understand the motorcyclists' intentions BEFORE proceeding into its path.  We're not racing, take a moment to realize what's going on in traffic.
  4. ALWAYS signal your intentions when driving.  Note that magic stick on your steering column's left side.  These lights indicate to surrounding vehicles what you're doing.  These lights are to be turned on before your maneuver to SIGNAL your INTENT.  When you slam on your brakes, then light the signal...you're doing it wrong.
  5. Respect a motorcycle's additional stopping distance requirements, DON'T TAILGATE!  A motorcycle only has two brakes compared to a car's four.  Apply the 3 second rule when following.
  6. Do not drink and drive.
For the motorcyclist:
  1. Get trained and be properly licensed.  School is not for sissies!  There are beginner's riding courses and experienced riders courses.  You'd be amazed at the bad habits you pick up over time.  Get your learn on and keep your riding skills polished and ready at all times.  Also, if you're riding around without an endorsement, when you are ticketed you're giving the entire motorcycling community a bad rap and contributing to bad stats.  Be a part of the solution folks.
  2. Use TCLOCS for your pre-ride inspection.  (Tires and wheels, Controls, Lights and electrics, Oil and fluids, Chassis, Side stand)  Remember, when your bike is not properly maintained, you're putting yourself AND those you're riding with in danger.  Help a Brother out!
  3. Use SEE to help reduce your risk in traffic.  Search, Evaluate, Execute.  Ride like you are invisible!
  4. Remember that SPEED is for the RACE TRACK.  (WARNING:  This link is GRAPHIC.)  I know those crotch rockets can go really fast, but I would rather you test those limits in a controlled area and LIVE than busy streets and highways and end up like that guy.
  5. Know your limits, don't drink and ride.  I know you're on a poker run on a hot day.  Please enjoy an adult beverage (an as in one, then hang out for a bit to let metabolism work its magic) but don't get shit-faced.  Your impaired riding can hurt you, your brothers and your family.  Don't be an ass.  I have a personal story on this one and will share it some time this month.  Again, DON'T BE AN ASS!

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Fancy Schmancy said...

Jesus, you were right about that link being graphic. They should show that during driver's ed classes for kids. That's horrific!