Saturday, May 2, 2009

Look Twice Much?

Have you ever seen a bumper sticker or billboard that reads:


These are usually distributed and paid for by motorcyclists.  We lose A LOT of good friends, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters to left turns gone wrong.
  • We recently discussed this man getting killed by a drunk driver turning left.
  • This lady died because she didn't have time to stop at the STOP sign and a dump truck ran her over.
  • This young lady has a long road of recovery in front of her because the semi she turned left in front of couldn't stop his 18 wheels in time.
Note these two women did not see a dump truck nor a semi.  These vehicles are MUCH LARGER than motorcycles.  

So yes, please DO remember to LOOK TWICE SAVE A LIFE.  In all actuality, the life you save could be YOUR OWN!!

I know we lead very busy lives.  Sometimes we get a little behind schedule and think we can make up for lost time on the road by speeding.  Please don't let those 15 minutes you were late result in the death of my friends and family, or even yourself!  You are driving a 2 ton weapon, be responsible.


Nicole said...

Yesterday while on a TacoBell run with my neighbor I said "look twice save a life". Dawn said she did not give a damn what I do as long as I get her some tacos.

dave said...

My brother, who was a trained accident reconstruction expert here in Ohio, has said many times that it isn't a failure to see the motorcycles, but rather a failure to see and/or pay attention to anything (including dump trucks and semi's). Good reminder to assume that everyone is out to get you and ride/drive accordingly.

Jocelyn said...

Thanks for looking twice and not letting two 89 cent tacos take out a biker.

I hope your tacos were tasty. Bitch. Some of us can't just drive to crunchy-cheesy goodness. I had to make my own tacos Saturday evening.

Nicole said...

I have a Taco Bell less than five minutes from my house. Living in Fayetteville can be very unhealthy for you.

Jocelyn said...

Unhealthy BUT TASTY! Nearest Taco Bell is in Southport and totally NOT worth that drive! But I do sneak in the drive-thru if I have to go that way.