Friday, November 7, 2008

Banjo of Consternation

My Bag O Crap arrived today - A DAY EARLY. WOO HOO.

I probably should have brought the camera in so I could post photos but I really wasn't planning on seeing it today so...onto the crap I got!
  • (1) SOYO FreeStyler 500 Bluetooth V1.2 Headset: I can't try this out with the new phone yet because it's supposed to charge for SIX HOURS the first time. GAH! Can't play with new toy!!
  • (6) iGo Universal Wall Power Adapter: Yeah, 6 of em. And the best part - they DON'T come with the tips. You must buy tips separately. Six with no tips. Let's all say it together: YANKEE SWAP!!
  • (1) JVC Carrying Bag: This is awesome. I don't have a camcorder to put inside of it but the bag is roomy enough to hold all of my camera paraphernalia. The bag has a loop on the back of it so you can put your belt thru it and have a HUGE fanny pack.
  • (17) bags of Woot poots: All but 3 were intact. I will save these for husband since he'll be coming home from Texas next week and lord knows - he's still not tired of Texas after being there since September 13th. [sarcasm mode OFF]
  • (1) Tornado Spray Jet Wash Gun WITH six spray patterns: Who the hell told Woot! that I needed to wash my car? Will I be prosecuted for bathing Junior in this same manner? If so, how long? I could use a vacation.
Well that was an awesome haul. No mini SD card or Sansas but I think the blue tooth makes up for that. I'll try again for my second crap on the next Woot! Off. Should be in a couple of weeks.

Y'all should think good thoughts for me because I'll most likely be giving unwanted craps to you for Christmas. Woot! craps, not the other kind of craps. Unless you've been VERY naughty!

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