Monday, November 24, 2008

Hey yall!

Thank you Mr. Motorcycle for linking to my SOA post. (LOOK MA! I GOTS A LINK!!) And thank you Google Reader for finding Mr. Motorcycle for me! His blog is the first one I've found that discusses the show and I've enjoyed digging thru his archives and remembering things I've forgotten. Too bad FX didn't run a marathon this weekend so we'd be good and SOA'd up for this Wednesday's finale.

While I have new scoot friends visiting my ramblings, can I please invite you to, if you're not doing so already, support the MRF. Here are 10 reasons why you should join that I stole (!!) from my friend Vinny's website because 1) I'm too lazy to write my own diatribe and 2) if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
10 Reasons why you should join the MRF:
10) They are fighting to make sure your medical claims are paid by your insurance companies.

9) They are fighting to secure funding for rider training.

8) They are fighting to secure funding to fix pot holes and other road hazards.

7) They are fighting for your right to modify your bike.

6) We need to help them fund a office and lobbyist in Washington, DC so they can continue the fight.

5) They support us on state level legislation.

4) They have been OUR federal MRO since 1984!

3) They are well organized, efficiently managed, and will work to provide a safer riding future for all of us.

2) You will get another patch and pin for your vest, along with a newsletter.

1) For $30 you can support motorcycle awareness, safety, education, and contribute to the growth of motorcycling in America!

Thirty dollars folks. What's that...a rally tshirt and two beers?

In 2000 I was blessed to be included on a SMRO sponsored lobby trip to DC. The MRF works hard, those were some of the busiest 4 days I ever spent in MY LIFE. It's very special to see the machine in action with your own eyes. And it kicks ass to walk into your state's offices and introduce the MRF to YOUR Senator or Congressman. "Yo, I'm from back home and this guy KNOWS what I want. When he asks, you listen. You act...FOR ME."

When I re-upped my membership this year, I tossed in an additional $10 donation and today I received a letter of thanks from Kirk Willard, MRF President and it included a kick ass MRF Freedom Fighter sticker. If you can, don't forget to include a little extra donation. They're worth it and SO ARE YOU!

So go out there and get MRF'd up!
Be a part of the solution!!

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Mr. Motorcycle said...

Jocelyn, No thanks needed.

I'll be looking into MRF.