Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One minute.

I recently discovered the "Blogs of Note" section in Blogger. I found a few that are nice to look at and today's blog of note has me psyched. One Minute Writer. I often think to myself "I should write in my blog today" but then I'm blank when I get here. I want to try this so I'll begin today.

Today's prompt is: VOTE. What would I tell an 18-year old American to encourage them to vote today?

And I only have a minute!?!? Ack!

For me, the short answer is: The government considers you an adult. From here on out, there's no more Mom and Dad to hide behind. 18=adult, YOU. You've wanted to be grown for at least the past 5 years and now is your time to be grown. Educate yourself. Ask, ask, and ask questions. Know what you want and research the candidate that fits to your ideals.

In reality, speaking to most 18-year olds you'd need to include a lot of "like"s and "you know"s.

So like The Man is hip to you, you know? He like knows where you live and junk. You can't go out and totally like buy a beer or anything but They still, like want your vote. Do like Diddy and mash a button dude.

I voted last week so I wouldn't have to stand in line today. I've been watching Fox news all day (Don't hate me for cheating, CNN. I just wanted to try it and Fox's boobs are a little bigger than yours.) and now I wished I would have stood in line today. I feel left out. It is rainy today so if I was standing in line I'd have HUGE humidity head so I'm not missing that. But I do feel left out of today's excitement. And I'm totally not getting anything for FREE because I did not vote on today. We're in a small town so we don't even have any of the big stores that are giving free things away so I'm really not missing out. I'm just whining.


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C. Beth said...

Ha, I love the "like" and "you know" paragraph! Hilarious!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for linking to it. Like, you rock, dude!